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Colour Catcher®

Reduce sorting
Save time
And save money!

SARD Colour Catcher

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Tired of endlessly sorting laundry? Have you ever looked at a stripy top or a spotty dress and felt confused about which wash to load it with? Will the spots and stripes leak colour onto your whites or will darker items in the wash spoil the white elements? There is a solution… Discover the smart way to wash and save time, money and energy while protecting clothes from unsightly colour runs with COLOUR CATCHER®.

The proof is on the sheet™!

  • “Sard Colour catcher sheets are amazing!”
  • “Fantastic product!”
  • “Great time saver”


Trap Colours

COLOUR CATCHER® sheets capture the colours that run in the water during the wash, ensuring maximum protection against colour runs and allowing you to wash all colours and whites together.

Trap Dirt

COLOUR CATCHER® sheets trap loose dirt particles that may settle in your washing machine preventing your clothes from looking dull over time.

Wash with confidence and keep your colours bright!

How does it work?

Colour dye releases in every wash and might bleed into your laundry. Loose dirt particles may also settle and leave your clothes looking dull over time. Thanks to its patented technology the sheet acts like a magnet and traps loose dye and dirt during the wash, assuring brilliant wash results.

Suitable for

  • Front and Top Loader
  • Hot & Cold Water
  • All Fabric Types
  • Soaking & Hand Wash


  • Step 1. Place sheet(s) in the drum
  • Step 2. Add your detergent & start your wash
  • Step 3. Remove & dispose the sheets at the end of the wash

Where to find me

SARD COLOUR CATCHER® is now available in all major retailers and online at Woolworths & Coles.